How to Maintain Single Yarn Strength Tester Nov 16, 2022

Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester  is to determine the breaking load and extension for single yarns, to make record and statistics and print out testresults.

yarn strength testing methods

GB/T14344, GB/T3916, ISO2062, ASTM D2256 


1.Able to preset tensile force.
2.Single yarn testing made of cotton,wool, jute, core-spun yarn etc can be tested.
3.Controlled by mictocomputer, displayed by LCD, printer ourputs reports.
4.Report, diagram can be printed out by printer.

5.Desktop structure, equip with high precision load sensor system, easy operated and stable.6.Can be connected with computer.

single yarn strength testing methods


1. Always keep the tensile strength of yarn machine clean and tidy.
2. Pay attention to moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion.
3. Regularly maintain the instrument, troubleshoot the instrument in time, and keep maintenance records.
4. Before using electronic instruments, you must read the instruction manual carefully, check your own protection devices as required, and control the ambient temperature, humidity, continuous working time, power supply voltage, etc.
5 Regularly conduct power-on inspections on electronic instruments. If any phenomena such as flashover, smoke, explosion, and peculiar smell are found, shut down immediately to prevent damage to the instrument due to short circuit and prolong the service life of the instrument.

Single yarn strength test is used to test the breaking strength and elongation percentage of various cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber, core-spun single yarn, pure or blending natural or chemical fiber yarns

single yarn strength tester principle

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